During the lockdown most of the newmom come up with lots and lots of questions .You may not be guided properly.

This is to help them in few steps. Leave in a comment box if you have any further doubts.


1. Do breastfeed your baby..this is Atmost important . Don’t doubt yourself whether your milk is sufficient. Try feeding your baby atleast 20-30 minutes. Do “demand breastfeeding”and Believe Your baby is growing well..!

2. Do follow proper hand hygiene before touching the baby ( yourself and family members).

3.Do give your baby vitamin D supplement as prescribed by your doctor.

4. Do burp your baby after each feed in order to prevent any regurgitation.

5.Keep your baby warm. Cover them with blanket or towel especially when they are preterm and low birth weight babies.

Don’t s:

1. Don’t feed your baby with anything apart from breast milk especially water, honey,grape water.

2. Don’t give cow’s milk to your newborn. Human milk is for human. It’s ok to express your milk and seek somebody help to give your milk in your resting time.

3. Don’t use feeding bottle or pacifier.

4.Don’t squeeze out the milk from your babies breast. It’s harmful for babies.

5. Don’t apply anything on navel apart from any medicine given by your pediatrician.

6. Don’t apply talcum, kajal.

Normal phenomenon:

1. There may be slight watery discharge from eyes. Do nothing. Do massage your baby’s nasal bridge. Do seek help when it’s sticky or associated with red eye.

2. Newborn will be sleepy most of the time and active at night. Sleep with your baby and play with them when awake.

3. Babies cry at night or in the early morning. It’s normal. Dont doubt your feed. Cuddle your baby give some comfort. Play some mild melody. Rock your baby to make them sleep.Do seek health care if there is inconsolable cry not settling with change in place and position of baby and all above method fails or associated any warning symptoms.

4. Baby cries to pass urine and faeces. She/he is not straining and experiencing this new moments. So ignore.

5. Babies pass faeces once in 5-6 days or pass 6-7 times a day. Either way it’s normal. So don’t panic.This is only for exclusively breastfed babies. Apart from them please seek health care.

6.Big doubt everyone has.. Is my feed sufficient??? check and follow the points to know whether your feed is adequate. a) If your baby Passing atleast 7-9 times urine.. b) If your newborn sleeps atleast 1-2 hours post feeding.. c) Gaining weight properly.

7) Milk secretion from breast of both male and female baby. Please don’t put your hands over it. Secretion slows up gradually. Squeezing is going to create more harm.

8) white/ blood discharge from vulva of female newborn. This is due to hormonal influence. So don’t panic.

Warning signs…!

Rush to your health care if your newborn shows any of these features.

1) excessive inconsolable cry more than 2-3 hours.

2) vomiting or regurgitating after every feed. Not taking feed or not sucking. Lethargic or excessive irritability.

3) passing less than 4-5 urine.

4) passing more than 15-20 stools.

5) Any change in temperature. Hypothermia or hyperthermia.

6) Yellowish discoloration of skin.

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