Although unlimited time with electronics may keep your child quiet, too much screen time isn’t good for kids. Even after knowing the adverse effects of screentime it’s very difficult to limit kids from gadgets

Here are few tips that will help you limit your child’s screen time to a reasonable, healthy amount.

Model Healthy Electronic Use

It’s important to role model healthy electronics use for your children. So before you binge-watch your favorite Netflix series, remember to set a good example. Keeping the TV on for background noise all the time or scrolling through your phone any time you have a spare minute teaches your child bad habits.

Create “Technology-Free Zones

Establish zones in your house where you just don’t allow electronics, like smartphones and laptops. For example, the dining room can be a great technology-free zone that is reserved for meals and family conversations.

Set Aside Times to Unplug

Set aside times for the entire family to become unplugged from technological devices. For example, the dinner hour or an hour before bedtime can be great times for the entire family to have quality time together without TV, video games and computers. You also might consider a longer digital detox for the entire family by gardening, having a routine play.

Recover the kid in you

Follow the digital detox once in a month for whole family. Kids can be planned for vacation or atleast to playground for detox.

Engage in other activities

When kids especially toddlers who are difficult to manage without screentime try offering crayon or watercolors. Ignore the mess. Let them play with water games or slime or moulds that make them engaged for longer time

Get your child to play outside, read a book or play a game. 

Talk to Kids About the Dangers of Too Much Screen Time

In an age-appropriate manner, explain how violent video games, movies, and images can be harmful to kids. Also, discuss the potential dangers of online predators. Discuss how you can work together as a family to reduce potential risks.

Give alternatives

Kids easily grow dependent on technology for entertainment. So when you try to change their activities or take them away from screen give them an interesting thing to gradually reduce the time as well as to reduce their tantrum. In simple way to take away kid from one give them another rather than refusing.

Make Screen Time a Privilege

Screen time should be a privilege and not a right. Take away the TV time or computer use.Once you’ve set a limit on how much screen time is allowed, don’t allow kids to earn extra time as a reward. Instead, stick to the daily limit and offer other free or low-cost rewards.

Don’t Allow Screen Media in Your Child’s Bedroom

It’s impossible to monitor a child’s screen media use, if it’s allowed in the bedroom. Don’t allow your child to have a TV, video game system or computer in their room. This includes hand-held devices that many children use late at night, which can interfere with their sleep.

For many parents, turning on the TV the second they walk in the door or compulsively checking social media becomes a habit. Kids often develop unhealthy screen time habits too, by turning on video games before school or by getting on the computer the second they walk through the door.

Making a conscious choice to unplug for an extended period of time can break some of those bad habits. When kids get out of their environment and step away from their usual routine, they have an opportunity to develop new habits.

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