Vaccination of kids during lockdown and after.

The WHO declared COVID 19 as a Global Health Emergency in January 2020. It was then declared as “Pandemic” on March 11,2020. Since March 22, 2020 as the national shutdown began the effective primary, secondary and tertiary care facilities have been almost paralyzed due to lockdown. From then, parents are much worried about the missing vaccine for their babies.

As in any case please enquire your pediatrician and can be administered only if they are available. Or if your nearby healthcare facilities are working for immunization. GOLDEN RULE is that “do not Miss vaccines”. As the situation now warrants safety, so this can be done.

Even after lockdown, don’t expose baby to crowded place. Take a separate consultation time to vaccinate the baby along with maximum of two attenders. Avoid taking senior citizens to the hospital for the vaccination of babies.

Practice personal hygiene that are necessary.

There is a recommendation for Indian scenario during lockdown as given by INDIAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS which as follows.

1)Prioritize primary vaccination series: DPT, Hep B, Hib, OPV/IPV,
Rotavirus vaccines, PCV, Influenza(6,10,14weeks), Varicella and MR/MMR (9mon). Avoid postponing these vaccines. Though postponement of these to 1 month is acceptable.

2)Prioritize pneumococcal and Influenza vaccine to vulnerable groups.

3)Typhoid conjugate vaccines may be given along with 9 mon vaccine. Can be waited till the situation is fine.

4)Inactivated JE vaccines. Normally given at 9 months (where applicable) can be given till 1 year.

5)Hepatitis A vaccines and HPV vaccines may be postponed to a later date if logistic issues of transport, etc., exist. They may be
administered after the priority vaccines have been given.

6) Multiple vaccines can be administered in the same session.

7)If a child is in a healthcare facility for any reason, this opportunity
should be utilized for administering any eligible vaccine.

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