How to stay healthy during Lockdown

Coronavirus has given us a chance to stay at home and spend time with our family. This lockdown has revealed all our creativity, talent and tried to cultivate hobbies too..

Stress due to work from home made us couch potato. Screentime increased. Some had a healthy lifestyle like hitting a gym everyday, conscious about calorie intake. Well, lockdown spoiled them too.

With the limited groceries and veggies, intake of junks increased gradually. Sedantry life added to it. Many wouldn’t fit into the same dress we had.Availabilty of time,media pressure subjected us for many challenges including dalgona or homemade biscuits cakes which inturn increases calorie.

Few small steps will help to tide over this:

1)Relax. Chew your food and don’ts eat faster. As you chew well and swallow amylase enzyme (saliva) will neutralize your acidity and increase the satiety.

2)Avoid junks. Decrease the carbohydrates intake.

3) If possible replace your carbohydrates with millets which keeps you heavy for long time.Track your calorie and expenditure of it using app.

4)Have intake of plenty of protein (both animal and veg) as gastric transit time increases it keeps you heavy for longer time

5) Eat frequently; Small amount of food

6) Include more of fruits and veggies in your snacks.

7) Never buy any junks or aerated soft drink to prevent craving. Avoid watching TV, mobiles during meal time.

8)Try investing your time with kids and family. It can be family activity, exercise, zumba dance.Just do it as fun to get involved yourself.

9)Do walking atleast 1 hour in your home or terrace.Use stairs whenever required.

10)Last but not least. Try challenges like cleaning room, decorating room, or also weight reduction rather than dalgona or any cooking stuffs. Give a try to your hobbies.


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