Healthy diet for pregnancy!

Pregnancy is not the time to lose weight. But when gained excess, it becomes more difficult to shed after delivery.

There are lot many co-morbidities associated with overweight or obese mother like pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetic. Normal weight gain in pregnancy is 8-12 kg. With the proper advice and self care it can be done properly.

First trimester

Baby organ development occurs during this period. It’s important to take folic acid for better brain growth”.

  • Since you are carrying a fetus, it’s not necessary to take food for two people. The fact is that during the first trimester calorie required is negligible.
  • Morning sickness will be a hindering, with lot with food intake.
  • Eat frequently in Small quantity!
  • Take lot of fruits and vegetables. Make sure to take atleast one serving of fruits and two serving of vegetables.
  • Ideal one will be the balanced diet.
  • Take dry fruits and nuts, atleast two from each.
  • Due to lockdown, there may be scarcity of nuts then you can try groundnuts also.
  • Avoid oily fried food items.
  • Walking of atleast half an hour a day is must.

Second trimester

“Major Organ development is done. Now time for growth of the baby“.

  • Relieved from morning sickness!!Time for craving!!! But control yourself. All you need is 350kcal extra for the growing fetus.
  • Eat small quantity in frequency.
  • Replace the snacks with the fruits.
  • Take atleast 3 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables.
  • Time to eat the pulses. Take atleast twice a week,
  • Greenleaves to be taken twice a week.
  • Non veg like egg and fish can be taken whenever possible. Limit the intake of chicken and mutton.
  • Continue having the dryfruits and nuts.
  • Do start with any of your household works like sweeping, mopping.
  • Walking of atleast 1 hour is must.

Third trimester

Baby is growing bigger and bigger. So the demand increases”.

  • Back to square with increasing belching and retrocardiac discomfort on intake of food.
  • Eat small quantity in frequency is the ideal method now.
  • Limit the carbohydrates.
  • No limit for the intake of fruits and vegetables. But it’s better to continue as same as in second trimester.
  • Nonveg like egg and fish can be even taken thrice week .
  • Avoid junks, fried foods.
  • Pulses increased to thrice weekly.
  • Greenleaves to be taken twice weekly.
  • Continue nuts and dry fruits as usual.
  • Walking to be increased to 2 hour every day.

It’s okay to treat your taste buds once in a while!! Happy motherhood ❤️

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