Is your sleep adequate???

Most essential thing to do everyday is sleep. Many are having some issues with sleep like insomnia, snoring, light sleeper. Many factors affect the sleep like excess screentime, lack of exercise,lack of healthy lifestyle, stress,excess work and depression.

So to have a regular good sleep we need to follow certain sleep hygiene.

What is sleep hygiene???

It is a behavioural intervention that one can to promote good sleep.

Tips for good sleep hygiene..

  1. Maintain a regular sleep routine by going to bed at same time and wake up same time
  2. Avoid naps if it decreases the total amount of sleep required leading to insomnia and sleep deprivation.
  3. If you find your mind worrying about not falling sleep, don’t stay in the bed, sit in the chair in dark until you fall asleep. Donot use tv or internet during this time.
  4. Bed is reserved for sleeping so don’t watch tv or read in bed as it gives wrong association For wakefulness.
  5. Take your last cup of caffeine before noon as it causes difficulty in initating sleep.
  6. Avoid cigarette, alcohol
  7. Exercise regularly before noon. Avoid vigorous activities Before bedtime as it releases endorphins Which causes difficulty in initating sleep.
  8. Have a comfortable pre-bedtime routine warm bath and meditation.

Recommended hours of sleep

As per American sleep association, recommendation are as follows.

0-3 mon – 14-17hrs

4-12 mon – 12-16 hrs

1-2 yrs – 11-14 hrs

3-5 yrs – 10-13 hrs

6-12 yrs – 9-12 hrs.

Above 20years- 7-9hrs.

Although amount of sleep is there for individual, quality of sleep much needed.

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