Corona which originated from China slowly became pandemic throughout world. This pandemic has created alot of impact and distress globally.

Though many were tensed about economy crisis, work from home, lack of essentials, disturbance in normal day to day activities, but this lockdown has given so many precious things,which will not be sought again. From child to old age, pregnancy to new mother stress continue.

MOST VALUABLE THING WE GOT IS TIME. Inspite of having work from home, we had more time to spend with near and dear ones. This time has given us chance to rediscover our lost hobbies, talents

This is the time we realised to rediscover our memories (with whom we shared bond)with our photos and videos .

This is the time we learnt how to be independent as there is no babysitter or househelp. We made many experiments in kitchen. Dusted the carrom board and ludo. Shared our pain. Humanity grew.

This is the time where our addictions were given up, be it coffee to alcohol, pan to smoking, watching television to Netflix. Started healthy life with exercise.

This time we learnt to live with minimal stuffs.

We learnt about personal hygiene. This is very important thing learnt to stay healthy in this pandemic. So when we are getting back with normalcy it’s very important to follow these to stay safe even after lockdown.

  1. Social distancing
  2. Wearing Masks
  3. Hand washing
  4. Cough etiquette
  5. Avoid touching face, mouth and nose.

Do start giving vaccines to kids. stay safe stay healthy.

Be it lockdown or no lockdown stick to the above habits to stay healthy.


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