When to start Complementary food to baby???

Babies are exclusively breastfed or formula fed for 6 months from birth. Many parents and family are eager to start complementary food when they show interest in food.But it is not true. From 6 months, there are certain signs that makes the child ready for complementary feed.

  1. Loss of tongue thrust.Very important for the babies to take food inside the mouth. Presence of tongue thrust pushes food outside.
  2. Completed 6 mon. As the digestive enzymes are mature enough to digest the food other than BM
  3. Amylase is less in Newborn. It is produced gradually to digest starch hence the reason Breast milk’s main carbohydrates is lactose.So when we start with starch ( rice and cereals)putting a stress on immature Gut.
  4. Could sit with support, holds head steadily.
Sitting with support! Holds neck straight! Lost tongue thrust

Signs mistaken for ready for food:

  1. Chewing thumb and fist
  2. Waking up unusually for night feeds. As uninterrupted sleep is also a milestone attained gradually for babies.
  3. Wanting extra milk feeds. Myth behind this is baby when gets distracted to environment seeing people and facies donot complete the feed and this leading to clinging the breast for too often.

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