First food for the baby

New mom would be happy and very eager to start the food for their baby. The day comes where ceremony being hosted for the young mischief. But what food to be given??Is packed infant food can be given?? Can I start my work by giving food to the baby?? Can salt be added ?? Chilies!! Does the baby’s gut tolerate?? Many end up to become a great chef to please the baby. Weaning is not tough when guided properly.

  1. Your child must have completed 6 months and ready for food.
  2. Breastmilk is the primary source of nutrition under 1 year. So Don’t let food replace the breastmilk.
  3. Always feed the baby in upright position in order to prevent aspiration.
  4. Let the baby decide the quantity of food.
  5. Donot force feed or distract feed.
  6. Strict no to salt and sugar below one year. As additional salt is a burden to the immature kidneys.
  7. Sugary or sweetened food is going to produce the child picky.
  8. Sugar in any form is not good. Be it Jaggery or indigenous sugar.
  9. Sweets can be a treat to baby’s tastebuds on occasions.
  10. Complementary food should not be watery. It shouldn’t be falling from the spoon.
Consistency of complementary feed

6 months completion

Start with one feed. Cereals (rice,wheat) to be started first and then Vegetables,pulses and fruits can be added gradually.

Let the baby feed breastmilk 30-45 minutes before any food. Most babies associate hunger to breastmilk so let them have milk, later give a responsive feeding. If the baby refuses to take food it’s ok, donot force feed.

Donot overfeed the baby as the chances of vomiting is more. Same food need not be given daily to test for allergy. Everyday new food can be given.

At 6 mon, it’s better to start with handmashed or pureed food. Spices(corriander powder,jerra powder, asefotida,etc) can be added in small quantities and gradually increased. Pepper and Chillies can be started in later months gradually as the digestive system is still maturing.

Baby led weaning can be started from 6 month onwards. Finger foods can be started.

Dall and pulses can be given one at a time to check for allergies.Nuts can be offered separately in a powdered form.Non-vegetarian like egg,meat can be started from 6 months itself.

Tip-Better to offer potential allergans in first half of a day. Test one at a time. Need not give for 7 days continuously which was the practice done earlier.

Happy weaning.!!

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