Does your child eat with screen on??

Many of us has the habit of eating by clock and we train our kids that way. As we have sleep routine, eating has also become a routine.

Most of us tend to eat, just for mere presence of chocolate or icecream in refrigerator. Many would finish up the plate only because it shouldn’t be wasted. So we expect the same from our kid,which is a big mistake.

Let the new buddies know their hunger and fulfill them . Many wouldn’t be knowing that there exist a term known as “distract feeding”. Common examples are making them eat with phone or television switched on, or making them engaged in toys to finish off the feed, or even taking the kid to show animals or pets then feed them.

Few other instance are: bribe them to eat for outing, chocolate, favourite television show or youtube video also.Others include feeding the baby by praising, or telling stories.

When child tries to walk away from the food or cries on sight of food, didn’t ask for food (from 15mon), or when baby takes food long time (hours)- signs of food aversion. Mealtime has become stressful for the kid.

Its understandable how it hurts for the mother if child stays with hunger, but understand how it feels for kid to force feed. They are learning to eat. Their nervous system is still growing and synapses are connecting. When you try to feed with all the above ways it’s going to produce wrong synapses to the immature brain as we do.

Train the brain to eat for hunger. Not to eat for tv shows or praising words. Let the baby know the hunger and satiety so stop the external sources of distraction.

By Force feeding or distract feeding they may get obese in future, may become diabetic and are prone for metabolic disorder. So give the best to the baby, try babyled weaning or self feeding.Let them enjoy food.

Mealtime need not be stressful.Let the buddies become foodie and cherish the mealtime.

happy parenting..

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