Lockdown – what doctors suggest

Ever since March 20, many things have changed be it your work, lifestyle and some people spent lockdown time usefully staying fit while for many – it is still continuing to be tough times of their life..

Everyday we hear different sad stories related to COVID-19 especially because of LOCKDOWN(migrant workers life, vendors in isolation ward, Indian economy issues, delayed vaccination for kids, antenatal checks up).. But still the numbers are rising and many lost their life(from pregnant women to covid warriors ) .. Even leaders said to LIVE WITH CORONA.. So the question is why lockdown in the first place!!

But there is a different story.

Forget about other countries, in India with the massive population, prevalent socio economic status, health care facilities, doctors to patients ratio – our health care system might have collapsed without LOCKDOWN.

Even research says case number would have been in lakhs and deaths in thousands.. Not to forget about SPANISH FLU 1918 and the lessons learned.

And those who have made till today without getting infected – it’s mostly because of individual efforts apart from govt restrictions.. Accepting and adapting to new normal has fetched you this.

Now Govt has started relaxing the norms for the betterment of the public..we understand how hard it is to live in lockdown with so much compromises.. but remember even the health care workers are working hard – still a longway to go for India!!

Kerala has made a significant progression in this covid19 battle – flattening the curve is all we expect..

Eventually whole Indian population might get infected – slower spread will fetch time for health care system to cope up and for new treatment options to develop..

So follow the instructions (mask, social distancing and hand hygiene ) as advised before – together let’s heal ..

LOCKDOWN 4.0 and many…..

P S: this post is only for educational purposes and not to create fear in public minds..

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