Role of MMR in Covid 19

COVID-19 infections have presented with a very unusual morbidity penetration, where patients younger than 50 show little morbidity from the disease, with mortality dramatically increasing above age 50. This is a very different presentation from other viral diseases, suggesting that some factor is protective in younger people, and missing in older patients. Theory was hypothesisedContinue reading “Role of MMR in Covid 19”

Lockdown – what doctors suggest

Ever since March 20, many things have changed be it your work, lifestyle and some people spent lockdown time usefully staying fit while for many – it is still continuing to be tough times of their life.. Everyday we hear different sad stories related to COVID-19 especially because of LOCKDOWN(migrant workers life, vendors in isolationContinue reading “Lockdown – what doctors suggest”


Corona which originated from China slowly became pandemic throughout world. This pandemic has created alot of impact and distress globally. Though many were tensed about economy crisis, work from home, lack of essentials, disturbance in normal day to day activities, but this lockdown has given so many precious things,which will not be sought again. FromContinue reading “LOCKDOWN TALES: POSITIVE ASPECTS”

Lockdown shuts even pregnancy antenatal checkups?

Corona pandemic and the lockdown had given a major impact in many of our lives. From a newborn to geriatric, the concerns keep raising everyday . When it comes to pregnant womens it keeps doubling up. Can I have my routine visits?? I feel like the symptoms are more. Am I appreciating movements well?? IsContinue reading “Lockdown shuts even pregnancy antenatal checkups?”

How to stay healthy during Lockdown

Coronavirus has given us a chance to stay at home and spend time with our family. This lockdown has revealed all our creativity, talent and tried to cultivate hobbies too.. Stress due to work from home made us couch potato. Screentime increased. Some had a healthy lifestyle like hitting a gym everyday, conscious about calorieContinue reading “How to stay healthy during Lockdown”

Vaccination of kids during lockdown and after.

The WHO declared COVID 19 as a Global Health Emergency in January 2020. It was then declared as “Pandemic” on March 11,2020. Since March 22, 2020 as the national shutdown began the effective primary, secondary and tertiary care facilities have been almost paralyzed due to lockdown. From then, parents are much worried about the missingContinue reading “Vaccination of kids during lockdown and after.”


As the world is suffering from pandemic by Covid 19 , the effort to find an effective treatment is on a war footing.  Few drugs like HCQS, Remdesvir, and Tocilizumab are being tested, vaccines are being developed. A vaccine may be a mainstay in the future , but till that time, how to control mortality. Continue reading “NEW TREATMENT FOR COVID 19”


Corona has given us lots of stress..are we the victim? Can’t go to work? schools closed? Worried about money? Am i okay? Did i touch anything? Will that place be a source ? Is these things on your mind? Its not just you! everyone around are going through the same amount of stress. nobody wouldContinue reading “HEAL YOUR MIND.”


With the increasing spike in the corona cases load, government is facing challenges in identifying individuals with CORONA DISEASE VIRUS.. Thankfully we got RAPID TEST KITS which can be used for the screening purpose and the good news is it could speed up the whole process of screening.. This would allow the health care providersContinue reading “RAPID TEST KITS -AT CORONA CRISIS.”

Personal protective hygiene -to be followed right now!

As COVID-19 (corona virus disease 2019) is a infectious disease and is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks which stays in the environment nearby which can be possibly beContinue reading “Personal protective hygiene -to be followed right now!”