Baby Self feeding : Tips and Tricks

Guide for self feeding of the baby

Does your child eat with screen on??

Many of us has the habit of eating by clock and we train our kids that way. As we have sleep routine, eating has also become a routine. Most of us tend to eat, just for mere presence of chocolate or icecream in refrigerator. Many would finish up the plate only because it shouldn’t beContinue reading “Does your child eat with screen on??”

First food for the baby

New mom would be happy and very eager to start the food for their baby. The day comes where ceremony being hosted for the young mischief. But what food to be given??Is packed infant food can be given?? Can I start my work by giving food to the baby?? Can salt be added ?? Chilies!!Continue reading “First food for the baby”

When to start Complementary food to baby???

Babies are exclusively breastfed or formula fed for 6 months from birth. Many parents and family are eager to start complementary food when they show interest in food.But it is not true. From 6 months, there are certain signs that makes the child ready for complementary feed. Loss of tongue thrust.Very important for the babiesContinue reading “When to start Complementary food to baby???”

Tips for Successful breastfeeding

To ensure adequate milk production and flow for 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and thereafter continued breastfeeding, certain practices are very important. •The infant should be fed as frequently and for as long as he or she wants to, during both day and night. The suckling should be allowed until the infant spontaneously releases theContinue reading “Tips for Successful breastfeeding”