Postpartum exercises

Motherhood — such a powerful and overwhelmingly special experience.After nine months, little bundle of joy has finally arrived and changed your life completely. You’re probably totally exhausted and recovering from the marathon of labor, not to mention waking every two hours with a hungry newborn. Once you have the ok from your doctor, and youContinue reading “Postpartum exercises”

Tips for Successful breastfeeding

To ensure adequate milk production and flow for 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and thereafter continued breastfeeding, certain practices are very important. •The infant should be fed as frequently and for as long as he or she wants to, during both day and night. The suckling should be allowed until the infant spontaneously releases theContinue reading “Tips for Successful breastfeeding”


During the lockdown most of the newmom come up with lots and lots of questions .You may not be guided properly. This is to help them in few steps. Leave in a comment box if you have any further doubts. Do’s: 1. Do breastfeed your baby..this is Atmost important . Don’t doubt yourself whether yourContinue reading “NEW MOM’S MIND”