Role of MMR in Covid 19

COVID-19 infections have presented with a very unusual morbidity penetration, where patients younger than 50 show little morbidity from the disease, with mortality dramatically increasing above age 50. This is a very different presentation from other viral diseases, suggesting that some factor is protective in younger people, and missing in older patients. Theory was hypothesisedContinue reading “Role of MMR in Covid 19”

When to start Complementary food to baby???

Babies are exclusively breastfed or formula fed for 6 months from birth. Many parents and family are eager to start complementary food when they show interest in food.But it is not true. From 6 months, there are certain signs that makes the child ready for complementary feed. Loss of tongue thrust.Very important for the babiesContinue reading “When to start Complementary food to baby???”


During the lockdown most of the newmom come up with lots and lots of questions .You may not be guided properly. This is to help them in few steps. Leave in a comment box if you have any further doubts. Do’s: 1. Do breastfeed your baby..this is Atmost important . Don’t doubt yourself whether yourContinue reading “NEW MOM’S MIND”