Corona has given us lots of stress..are we the victim? Can’t go to work? schools closed? Worried about money? Am i okay? Did i touch anything? Will that place be a source ? Is these things on your mind? Its not just you! everyone around are going through the same amount of stress. nobody wouldContinue reading “HEAL YOUR MIND.”


With the increasing spike in the corona cases load, government is facing challenges in identifying individuals with CORONA DISEASE VIRUS.. Thankfully we got RAPID TEST KITS which can be used for the screening purpose and the good news is it could speed up the whole process of screening.. This would allow the health care providersContinue reading “RAPID TEST KITS -AT CORONA CRISIS.”

CORONA – What and Why?

As we all know,corona virus is spreading worldwide and now its is flourishing in India also. As per government orders,health care workers are taking care of the patients but there is a confusion among the general public on how to deal with this new flu like disease. WHAT IS CORONA VIRUS? Its is a microContinue reading “CORONA – What and Why?”